The Festival Menu: Tasty treats to look forward to at u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD 2012


The festival starts in five days, so here come the coming attractions. The highlights of each of the five days of the festival will be posted on Facebook the day before to enable you to put together your own menu. The Schedule provides a total overview.

Of course, the Special of the Day is the daily coverage—including live reportage from the Festival Village—broadcast daily at 7:30 PM by The news content for it will be provided by C.LOUD and the five writers from the Bloglab. VirtualRadio is the go-to spot on your dial for auditory communiqués. All three crews will have editorial offices right on site in the container city.

There’ll be a lot going on in the Festival Village’s 48 containers. In most of them, you’ll find open labs. All visitors to u19 are cordially invited to stop by these workshops and partake of their offerings. At Akkurace, there’s a racetrack to take vehicles that run on hand-held power drills out for a test drive. Budapest Farmers Hack shows you how to revive old gardens with the help of open source technology. The Campus Laboratory investigates communication with sea creatures at a depth of seven kilometers. Create Your Region, on the other hand, deals in altitude: Use their Idea Catapult to send your concept on a high arc into the Danube—not to sink it, but to give it a suitable launch!

u19 is Green

Lots of projects call attention to the fact that this year’s u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD is a green event. Jump (Jugend Umwelt Plattform, youth environment platform) puts particular emphasis on ecological concerns. The Climate Alliance (Klimabündnis) is presenting Get.Ideas to encourage young people to implement their own projects. Jugend Innovativ’s exhibition complements this thinking by spotlighting young people’s projects that have already been singled out for recognition. The Science Center Network’s “Planet under Pressure” is designed to foment discussions about solutions to the Earth’s ecological problems. The Youth Future Project will demonstrate how wind power and solar energy work, and will also spotlight the visions of the winners of the Right Livelihood Award, the so-called Alternative Nobel Prize, who will also be featured in an exhibition of photographs by Katharina Mouratidi.

Building and Tinkering

Here, you can produce shadow theater TVs, try out a laser cutter, redesign your clothes, pimp your bike, make music with sensors applied to your whole body, generate music in the Soundlab, develop your own adventure game on a PC, and—right up to Saturday—construct your own illuminated letters for the Klangwolke!
Pick up your Festival Pass as well as the u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Manual! With the purchase of the folder, you’ll be able to collect more than 20 sets of instructions at individual installations that will enable you to perform interesting experiments at home!

What’s going on outside of the u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival Village?

Our next-door neighbor is, of course, the Ars Electronica Center where the Vienna Happy Lab will be settling in for a spell at the FAB LAB. Fascinating films will be screened at the Ars Electronica Animation Festival in the Seminar Room. The illuminated letters headquarters is located here too, and there’s even a special exhibit about them. The exhibition about the theme of this year’s festival, “The Big Picture. New Concepts for a New World,” is running at the Brucknerhaus, and the OK Center for Contemporary Art is showcasing Prix Ars Electronica prizewinners within the “Cyberarts” exhibition. And if you have a chance, don’t miss “Sinnesrausch” and its spectacular skyways high above the cityscape!

This was a little foretaste of the u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD lineup. Every day will have its own highlights. The Schedule will keep you apprised of what’s up. So will the daily Facebook updates. We’re looking forward to seeing you at u19!

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