Astronomy at THE BIG PICTURE


Throughout cultural history there was never a time, when man was not significantly influenced by the starry night skies. When we look into human activities in several continents we find one common frame of reference when it comes to the question: how did we come up with an episteme? It is the starry universe. So therefore Damian Peach, Warren Keller, Yuri Beletsky and Dietmar Hager will stage the universe in a most spectacular way.

Freitag, 31.8. 19h00 AEC / DEEP SPACE – DIETMAR HAGER (AT)

Visitors will be taken on a journey through space and time across the continents and cultures that have dwelled on Earth long before modern man stepped up. We will see evidence for the influence of stars in creating the episteme in terms of fantastic images and stories. The presentation I shall invite you on an astronomical excursion through human cultural history.

Reprise on Saturday 1.9. 12h30 with extension of new footage and a virtual 3d ride through space.

Sa, 1.9. 2012: 14h00 AEC / DEEP SPACE – WARREN KELLER (USA)

Warren Keller is one of the USA’s top astrophotographers, and his skill in using filters in Adobe’s Photoshop graphics editing program is unsurpassed—after all, he developed some of them himself! Keller also possesses comprehensive knowledge about the history of deep-sky astrophotography that captures images from distant realms of the cosmos. In his Deep Space session, the successful former musician and songwriter will demonstrate how deep-sky photographers work and how even amateurs can take pictures that can hold their own against those shot by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Reprise on Monday 3rd of Sept. 13h00

Sa, 1.9. 2012: 15h00AEC / DEEP SPACE – DAMIAN PEACH (UK)

Damian Peach is one of the world’s top astrophotographers. He specializes in high-definition images of planets, that have garnered him tremendous esteem within the international astronomical community. In Deep Space, Peach will display images of Jupiter to illustrate how proper processing makes it possible to produce breathtaking pictures even with a conventional telescope, and how dedicated amateur photographers provide indispensible aid to professional astronomers in the ongoing development of astrophotography.


Sa, 1.9. und Sunday 2.9. 15h00 to 17h00 in the KEPLER STERNWARTE of the Linzer Astronomical Society. DIETMAR und WARREN
Sunshine-parcour. Dietmar Hager und Warren Keller will go to the Kepler observatory with kids who want to observe the sun in visual light as well in H-alpha. We will not only look on the sun but also have a webcam and laptop to demonstrate how easy it is to make an astronomical image that the kids can take home!

where to meet Dietmar and Warren: Aula des AEC Linz: 15h00


So, 2.9.2012 10h00 DEEP SPACE YURI BELETSKY und ESO

This ist he ultimate HIGHLIGHT of the festival will be LIVE skype-session with operating ESO telescope!
Dietmar Hager meets Dr. Beletsky while he is located in one of ESO’s observatories in Chile (La Silla) while it is still operative and researching with HARPS, one of the most powerful observation-kits for grasping for exoplanets! THIS is a MUST for all fans of EXOPLANETS!!! Come and see the astronomers work in the night under Chilean night-skies!
Dietmar Hager.

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