Day 3, suggesting a menu


Starting at 5 pm at the Ars Electronica Center, you can join the Klangwolken-ABC-Parade and show off your LED-Letters and tune into the Klangwolke with like-minded people. Speaking of likeminded: Johann Grubner made a special journey this summer, hitchhiking from Linz to Liverpool. What’s so special about it? He had some letters from the Klangwolke ABC with him. Read his story!

If you’re not at the Donaupark by 8:30 pm, you’re going to miss quite a show. It’s best to be rather close to the Danube, between the Brucknerhaus and Lentos, because the reception is best there and you want your letter(s) dancing, don’t you? Also bring a camera or phone with camera and join The Big Picture.

During the day, enjoy the THE BIG PICTURE – Symposium (Second Panel), join in at the Lentos (not the Brucknerhaus this time!) or via Livestream.

The Mariendom is host to teardrops by Rupert Huber, this beautiful installation turns into a concert right after the Klangwolke.