The Ars Electronica wins the SoccerKucha Cup 2012

glorious team,


What thrill, what joy, what killer calves!

For those of you who couldn’t attend this year’s SoccerKucha match at Tabakfabrik – a combination of Street Soccer games and PechaKucha presentations organized by “Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria” on last Saturday – here come the latest news:

Our glorious Ars Electronica team W-O-N! From now on the cup is staying at Ars Electronica for at least one year (after spending the past twelve months with the 2011 winning crew Backlab).

Nine intensive hours full of passion and sweat lead to the final triumph: After giving an interactive PechaKucha Jon Cage interpretive performance: a (non-)talk on “4 minutes 33 seconds of electrical silence” and ending up the Street Soccer games in third place out of ten, our crew didn’t dare to think of winning the title anymore. But the Special Awards, assigned by an independent jury and each counting three points in addition, changed everything! Not only did we receive a Special Award for the highest defeat in a single game (against the a little too committed “Runtastic” team) and a “Beppo Mauhart Award” for the most smoking player (special thanks to Michi B.). Moreover we were honored with a “John McEnroe Award” for the most complaining player (even if this one resulted from a totally unfair decision, according to title winner Christopher L.). In the end, the surprise was perfect when Ars Electronica was announced as the 2012 SoccerKucha winner.

Please feel pride and honor when looking at the attached photo showing our successful team players Michael Badics, Christopher Lindinger, Michael Platz, Markus Wipplinger, Veronika Pauser, Ryan Purdue, Marko Priskalo, Jade and Matthew Gardiner. You did a super great job!