u19 presents: The first submitters in 2013


Student Lukas Greul and his teacher Manfred Pilsz have long had their sights set on submitting a project in 2013. “Kids at Fadinger have been entering u19 for years now, and several of their efforts have been honored with prizes and Honorary Mentions. The biggest hit to date was in 2006 when a group named KrmpfKrmpf Studios garnered a Golden Nica for their Abenteuer Arbeitsweg.’ Ever since, u19 has been as big here as Easter and Christmas combined. So, of course, lots of members of Fadinger’s student body—like Simon Stix with “Fragment Planet” in 2012 and we this year—take part.”

The work by Lukas Greul and his Class 6C crew took shape in connection with “Hearing Pictures & Seeing Sounds,” a project designed to make music visible. A cooperative effort with the Bruckner Orchestra in 2012 culminated in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” The Fadinger crew remained strictly faithful to the music of composer Paul Dukas’ original work, whereas the content of the ballads he used merely provide a point of departure for their modern interpretation in which the Mistress of the AEC assigns her lazy apprentice the task of getting the facility so spotless you could eat off the floor. To make it spic-and-span, he enlists magic spells awakened from their peaceful slumber within the boss lady’s laptop, but it doesn’t take long ‘til the cleaner robots are totally out of control. The all-too-human sorcerer’s apprentice loses dominion over the technology he has summoned forth.

So, the plot thickens! Will the first entry be Number 1 in the hearts of the jurors too, and will another Golden Nica statuette grace the trophy case at Fadinger High? And how about you? Still putting the finishing touches on an exciting idea for the world of tomorrow, or is your project already done and ready to go? Either way—we’re looking forward to receiving your contribution to u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD. The entry deadline is March 8, 2013. Additional info is online at www.u19.at.

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