Winners Prix Ars Electronica 2013


Voilá, those are the Golden Nicas and Awards of Distinctions of Prix Ars Electronica 2013. Check out the full list of winners at

Pressconference winners of Prix Ars Electronica 2013

Christine Schöpf (AT), Emiko Ogawa (JP), Susi Windischbauer (AT), Michael Sterrer-Ebenführer (AT) and Gerfried Stocker (AT) present the winners of Prix Ars Electronica 2013.

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Computer Animation Film VFX

Forms / Goldene Nica

Memo Akten (Memo Akten), Davide Quagliola (Quayola)

You’re visually impressed by “Forms” the moment you set eyes on it. This abstract animated film is utterly captivating. And when you’re cognizant that what’s behind it are forms and sequences of movements by pole vaulters, gymnasts and other athletes competing in the Commonwealth Games, then you can’t help but be blown away by what the filmmakers have done here.

Duku Spacemarines / Award of Distinction

La Mécanique Du Plastique (FR)

Cinematized lunacy? A movie for the mash-up generation? Creative fireworks, everything allowed, no holds barred? Well, at least that gets you started trying to imagine “Duku Spacemarines”!

Oh Willy / Award of Distinction

Emma De Swaef (BE), Marc James Roels (BE) / Beast Animation

A guy in his mid-50s named Willy visits his sick mother, who still lives in the nudist colony in which he grew up. Overcome by grief after her death, he thinks back to his childhood, finally finding maternal devotion and comfort in the arms of a hairy monster. “Oh Willy” is a touching stop-motion animated film featuring characters lovingly crafted out of wool.

Digital Communities

El Campo de Cebada / Goldene Nica

The upshot of pure necessity, El Campo de Cebada is proof that crises also create opportunities. On the site of a razed swimming pool complex, people in the surrounding neighborhood set up a place for human exchange, for creativity, for a community to come together—both live in the heart of Madrid and online too. Everyone’s invited to get involved. El Campo de Cebada’s watchword is transparency. The people decide what happens at this place.

Refugees United / Award of Distinction

Refugees United

For many refugees, searching for lost family members and friends is often an impossible task. Traces quickly vanish, families are torn apart and reunited only in rare cases. Refugees United is the first search engine to try to surmount this barrier. Refugees can register anonymously; personal details—one’s favorite food, a prominent birthmark—can be used as the basis for a search. Use is free of charge.

Visualizing Palestine / Award of Distinction

Visualizing Palestine (PS)

The facts & circumstances on the ground, actual living conditions, information that doesn’t make it into the media—this is what “Visualizing Palestine” attempts to bring to light in the form of visually appealing illustrations with challenging content to get across.

Digital Musics & Sound Art

frequencies (a) / Goldene Nica

Nicolas Bernier (Nicolas Bernier)

Tuning forks that are used as musical instruments and, thanks to some very sophisticated electronics, also deliver cool visuals—that’s the essence of “frequencies (a).” An acoustic and optical experience; a most deserving winner.

Borderlands Granular / Award of Distinction

Chris Carlson

There’s some interesting music software available nowadays for tablets and smartphones. “Borderlands Granular” stands out from the pack. It’s not every day that you find a granular synthesizer that’s so intuitive to use that people from very diverse backgrounds feel empowered to experiment with sounds. Definitely check this one out!

SjQ++ / Award of Distinction

SjQ++ (JP)

This is an audio-visual work in the truest sense of the word. Visuals are projected onto the performing musicians and the screen behind them. The musicians interact with one another and are also influenced by the optical impulses. Improvisation with the ears and eyes. A fascinating live experience.

Hybrid Art

The Cosmopolitan Chicken Project / Goldene Nica

Koen Vanmechelen

A cosmopolitan chicken, the mother of all hens, that’s the aim of this project. From its point of origin in the foothills of the Himalayas, the chicken now roosts worldwide. Today, thousands of genetic variations are living throughout the globe. All of these characteristics are to coalesce into a single bird, whereby the chicken becomes synonymous with the diversity of human societies.


Tania Candiani (MX)

Text, code, language, sound, instruments. Variously interpreted, variously interconnected and interwoven. That’s the content of this project. Tania Candiani has filled a 17th-century Mexican convent with new life.

Mycotecture / Award of Distinction

Philip Ross (US)

It has become feasible to construct buildings and other objects like furniture out of fungi. Since the 1990s, Philip Ross (US) has been cultivating certain types of mushrooms and combining them with a medium like sawdust to produce a sustainable building material.

Interactive Art

Pendulum Choir / Goldene Nica

Michel Décosterd (Cod.Act), André Décosterd (Cod.Act)

A breathing apparatus, a chorus, the blending of breath and voice—this is what “Pendulum Choir” is all about. The singers are harnessed to hydraulic constructions. They tilt forward, backward, to both sides; they can’t see; they feel each other by means of motion and sound.

Rain Room / Award of Distinction

rAndom International / (GB)

Walking through rain, standing in the rain, but not getting wet. A dream? By no means! “Rain Room” makes it happen. As if a protective hand were constantly outstretched above your head, it’s raining all around except for where you happen to be. A fascinating feeling.

Voices of Aliveness / Award of Distinction

Masaki Fujihata (JP)

Scream, shout, let it all out! “Voices of Aliveness” puts people on bicycles and sends them out on a specially designed course. Besides pedaling, their job during the ride is to scream whatever’s on their mind. While going about this, they’re being filmed and their GPS coordinates registered. Afterwards, the ride is depicted virtually, either the cyclist alone or together with others.

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