Cookease – Intelligent Cooking System


by Gaurav Raut

The Cookease system is a solution for our growing desires for healthy convenient food. The Cookease system is an intelligent and sophisticated system – rather than just measuring the time required to cook meals the conventional way, Cookease calculates the precise amount of steam and time required to cook a combination of ingredients in order to preserve their nutritional value. What’s more, the system is scalable and accounts for the change in ingredients automatically to prepare proper nutritional meals, every single time.

The Cookease Containers
The packaging is designed to complement the Cookease device. Each package contains RFID tags within the container that provide information about the food it enrobes and the subsequent cooking time required for it. Its designed to act as a steaming containers and be reusable so it can be cleaned, refilled, reprogrammed and used again within the Cookease system.

The Cookease Module
Each Cookease module is an individual, standalone steamer. The steamers daisy-chain with each other within the system and provide power and information about ingredients and cooking times to each other. They contain RFID readers that interpret data from the packaging containers and snap together with magnetic connectors. Each daisy chain contains one master module that receives power from the mains and supplies it to the rest of the modules. The modules can be connected to either side of the master module (White). It calculates the cooking time required backwards (like a countdown timer) and the ingredient that takes the longest to cook, goes off first, irrespective of its placement in the daisy chain. So all the food is cooked at the right nutritional level and is ready to be consumed at the same time. The system is highly scalable provided you add one master module between every 3 coloured one’s. So a meal for two will take the same time to cook as a meal for 10 or 20 people.

The System
The small footprint of the modules are derived from the business model that relies on them being leased rather than owned. The web interface contains recipes and ingredients so users can select meals they wish to prepare and for the number of people. The users can buy the ingredients in the Cookease containers from supermarket shelves or chose to have them delivered to their doorstep.

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