A Festival Village Takes Shape

Die Fotoserie vom Aufbau der u19 Festivalstadt: Am Dienstag, 27. 8. um 7:00 kam der erste von 31 Containern am Maindeck des Ars Electronica Centers an. Inzwischen ist eine bunte Stadt daraus entstanden, die ab nächster Woche von den 40 ProjektpartnerInnen von u19 Create Your World bezogen wird. Am Donnerstag, 5. 9. um 10:00 öffnen wir die Tore aller Container und ihr könnt euch 5 Tage lang im Programm von u19 Create Your World verlieren!

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The first of 31 containers was delivered to the Ars Electronica Center’s Maindeck on Tuesday, August 27 at 7 AM. The welcoming committee included an eight-person set-up crew, an architect, a crane operator and a project supervisor. Arranging the two-ton modules took until Noon on Wednesday. Since then, they’ve been decked out in colorful fabric shells.

Next week, u19 Create Your World’s 40 project partners will be settling into the new Festival Village, where they’ll host open labs, exhibitions and events in their individual spaces, on the playing field in front of the steps and on stage on the Upper Level. There’s a lot of great stuff to discover. We’ve already reported on the many different projects you can check out here. All the containers will open on Tuesday, September 5 at 10 AM. Then you’ll have five days time to have the time of your life at u19 Create Your World!