From times past into future


Right from the start, there’s already a lot happening on the AEC’s Maindeck, the site of the container cluster that’s the headquarters of this year’s u19 – Create your World festival.

Séra Ildiko knits festivalgoers’ portraits, whereby she also knits in small objects that characterize the person portrayed. She thus creates representations that really store a lasting memory of the person they’re made for. Every one of these extraordinary pieces of wearable art is being photographed for an upcoming exhibition.

What do satellites orbiting in space have to do with our everyday life? A lot, actually! This is a fun, playful way to expand your knowledge about the extent to which satellites can influence your life. And here’s an up-close-and-personal experience of something that’s far, far away: Weltraum presents fascinating and informative details about outer space.

Right next door in News from the Future, there’s a container with a wormhole connecting the Festival Village to the world of tomorrow. Mercurial personalities come and go, leaving behind communiqués for us from the future. You can give free rein to your imagination here. Plus, visitors can conceive and compose messages of their own. And there’s nothing preventing you from putting on an appropriate outfit and taking an excursion into the future either.

With a little bit of luck, you’ll also encounter ImproTheater in amongst the containers. That’s where a small group gets together and briefly puts on plays. One was about space junk, another had to do with monkeys—these dramatic moments are fleeting and a performance, once delivered, will never be reprised in the same form. Everyone’s cordially invited to join the fun!

In the 5:30-6 PM timeslot every day of u19 – Create your World, DorfTV will broadcast Next Generation News live from the festival. Guests will be interviewed and projects presented.

Tomorrow’s highlights include the u19 ceremony at which prizewinners receive their Golden Nica statuettes. The next blog update will focus on projects having to do with sustainability.

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