A Sustainable Festival


There was a lot happening on the second day of the festival. For one thing, there were guided tours for IT industry apprentices, who could then attend workshops in the u19 Festival Village.

The prizewinners in the Prix Ars Electronica’s u19 category were singled out for recognition today. Dominik Koller garnered the Golden Nica statuette for his Visual:Drumset that depicts drumbeats in the form of colorful visuals projected right onto the drumhead. These effects can be configured via computer or smartphone. You can check out—and best of all, try out—all prizewinning projects at the u19 Exhibit.

Soilution – Earth with a Future is another promising honoree you can admire at the u19 Festival. Students at the HLFS–Ursprung High School for Agriculture and Forestry have come up with something that improves the soil and makes for more sustainable use of it.

The u19 Create Your World Festival is showcasing lots of other projects that focus on maximizing sustainability, which means living in a way that uses resources as economically as possible—avoiding waste, recycling and reusing things instead of buying disposable products over and over again.

One is a sewing workshop called Nähküche. You probably have old outfits just gathering dust in your closet. Then bring them to the festival, and maybe you can make something more appealing out of them! A messenger bag, a new T-shirt … there are lots of possibilities.

Right next door, there’s a clay oven that young people and their adult advisors built themselves—including a few enhancements that make it mobile so they can bake bread at the festival. The first step is preheating, which takes about an hour. Then out go the remaining coals and ash, and in goes the dough.

Festivalgoers also got a chance to learn to make crepes and an Austrian classic called Kaiserschmarrn. The instructors are students at the Produktionsschule culinary academies in Leonding and Wels. And participants also found about where the ingredients come from.

On Saturday and Sunday, you can join the Zquetschte Zwetschkn and learn to give old tomatoes a new lease on life as ketchup. This group with the hard-to-pronounce name will show you how easy it is to turn surplus fruits and vegetables into tasty treats like marmalade.

An extraordinary performance will be staged on the Maindeck at 10 PM tonight. Circus Lumineszenz, following a day of rehearsals on the Festival Village playground, will put on a unique show that includes jugglers conjuring up cool light patterns in midair.

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