Day 2 of TOTAL RECALL – The Evolution of Memory has began, and you probably won’t even have time to enjoy the great weather.

Blinking Leaves / Ars Electronica Center

<Starting at 10 am in the Brucknerhaus, the first Panel of the TOTAL RECALL – Symposium talks about the brain and memory, with John-Dylan Haynes, Arno Villringer or Helga Rohra. In the afternoon, starting at 2:30 pm, the Panel 2 includes the status quo of simulating the human brain (Hans Ulrich Dodt), the future of data-storage (Nick Goldman and Charlotte Jarvis) and explanations, how the human memory works (Rodrigo Quian Quiroga).

If you can’t make to the Brucknerhaus, check out the livestream at or watch the talks on Youtube.

An early highlight in the Ars Electronica Quarter is the u19-Ceremony at 10:30 am, the afternoon will see the Ars Electronica Quarter Night, with workshops, performances, music and more. And HR Giger shows his work in the Deep Space at 10 pm. Enjoy!