Day 4: Discovery with All the Senses


Discover the u19 Festival with all your senses. Various projects utilize all sorts of means to enable visitors to enjoy new and different experiences.

For instance, there’s the Circus Lumineszenz playground, where you can juggle colorful light sticks and then project multicolored figures onto a display screen. As you go about it, every one of your movements is captured by the camera and has an effect on what happens.

Then there’s the MagicShifter, which computer specialists developed and built themselves. This little device packs no fewer than 16 LED bulbs and a whole lot of technology. Among the MagicShifter’s capabilities are displaying images and creating shadow plays. This nice product is also a great way to learn how to program.

Linz Art University hosts two stands, and both have a lot to do with light. At one, you can use flashlights to paint artistic shapes in the air. All the images are captured in digital form; you can then print out a photo and take it home as a souvenir.

Or how about using the AEC’s façade as your canvas? Colorful patterns designed by festivalgoers adorn the Center’s outer shell every evening.

In GameLab, 18 youngsters from all over Europe were divided into three groups of six and have been working since Thursday on designing and programming various short computer games. This is a great opportunity to watch them in action and find out how games are created.

At OTELO, you can try out two devices that let you see the Festival Village from new points of view. Using a remote-controlled auto equipped with a tiny camera, you can shoot an action-packed video.

And there are aerial drones you can control with a tablet. These activities also provide provocative food for thought—for instance, what’s permitted to be filmed and what’s verboten? Hardly anybody really gives serious thought to this issue, so the OTELO crew aims to increase awareness about surveillance.

Weather permitting tomorrow, the FlyDoo Team will put on an aeronautical show with planes they built themselves. It’s set for 11 AM on the Maindeck, and runs ‘til 3. Plus, there’s free admission to the Ars Electronica Festival for all school pupils.

The Festival is nearing completion, so it’s time for u19 Create your World Recall tomorrow at 3-6 PM. What did you experience? What were your favorite activities and best moments? We’ll enjoy a short overview of what’s been happening here of late.

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