Citythinking as Key to Unknown Potentials


[tp3] architects and  Eddea Arquitectura y Urbanismo deal with strategic development processes of cities. Together they have attuned the creative method of Citythinking to the theme of this year’s Ars Electronica Festival and also further developed it: WHY IS MORE is a new way of visualizing and decoding the city in order to demonstrate and combine in an integrating manner various processes and factors. In the era of POST CITY, WHY IS MORE reflects an attitude to meet the contemporary challenges: Every adaptive change is prefaced by a categorical “why”. The result can be seen then the Ars Electronica Festival, September 3 to 7 2015.

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The Discovery of the Worldwide Biggest Olive Grove

The transformation of the cement factory Holcim near Granada (Torredonjimeno, Jaen) is a project that displays the method of Citythinking in a vivid manner. Only by collecting and merging data from different fields and only through their comprehensive and structured analysis unknown potentials could be identified which were the starting point for an unorthodox solution.

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In 2008 the cement factory Holcim had to be closed with the consequence that more than 100 people had to be laid off. The unemployed, their families, neighbors and friends protested and forced the company to find a solution for the difficult situation. Conventional approaches could not solve the problem, alternatives had to be found. Therefore, the Spanish architectural firm eddea was commissioned to investigate the situation and to develop a solution that makes use of the local potentials. With the help of the method Citythinking complex data were collected, related to each other and analyzed. In addition, a variety of expert panels were held and countless interviews with people on site were conducted.

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One of the unexpected results was that the greatest concentration of olive trees worldwide is situated around the area of the factory. Further research revealed that the maintenance of olive trees produces a large amount of pruning. Based on this analysis, the construction of a pellet plant was contemplated.

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The existing infrastructure of the former cement factory could be converted, the pruning of the olive trees processed into pellets, new jobs and an energy-producing ecosystem created: where previously 35,800 MWh of energy per year were consumed today 57,000 MWh of energy are being generated annually.

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