My FutureWorkshop: Change Yourself Now!


You might already know the project “My FutureWorkshop” (German language only) at the Ars Electronica Center, we’ve presented a few weeks ago on the Ars Electronica Blog. Every year 120 young job seekers have the ability to look behind the scenes of the museum of the future for one week. The program includes various workshops that make use of several in-house resources. The offers range from  experimentations in the sound studio to video shootings with professional equipment. Watch the results of this project at “Deep Space LIVE: Best of FutureWorkshop” on THU February 25, 2016, 8 PM, at the Deep Space 8K of the Ars Electronica Center Linz.

One example is “Change Yourself Now” made by Burak Bueyuekdemerci. Together with several other young people, he took part in a program. In the Ars Electronica Center’s SoundLab, he got to record his song featuring lyrics he wrote himself and to produce a music video for it together with the other FutureWorkshop participants. We had a chance to chat with him.

Hi Burak! Congratulations on a great job! Was this your first music video?

Burak Bueyuekdemerci: Yeah, this was my first professional music video. I tried to produce one once before with a couple of friends but that didn’t work out very well. But thanks to the support of the Ars Electronica Center, this one really turned out great!

How did you feel during the shoot?

Burak Bueyuekdemerci: During the shoot I was really nervous and excited. I hope you don’t see that when you view the video!


Presentation of the song and the music video at Deep Space 8K

At the Deep Space 8K, was this the first time you’ve even seen it?

Burak Bueyuekdemerci: Yeah, I saw the final version for the first time on this day. We were working on it until 9 PM a day before in the SoundLab at the Ars Electronica Center and on that day I watched it all the way through for the first time.

How do you like it?

Burak Bueyuekdemerci: I personally think it’s terrific. It really goes well with the song.


The participants of the 5. FutureWorkshop

What led up to you recording your song here in the Ars Electronica Center?

Burak Bueyuekdemerci: I’d been in the Ars Electronica Center once before in conjunction with a FutureWorkshop. During that week, we shot a short film and when it was presented on Friday in the Center’s Seminar Room, I discovered a mixing console there and I just began to rap … spontaneously. There were about 60 people there for the presentation and they all really liked it. And one of them was Martina Sochor, who supervises the video shoots in conjunction with the FutureWorkshop, and it was her idea for the workshop participants to make a music video together. That’s how it started.


Burak and his supervisor from Wifi

What’s “Change Yourself Now” all about?

Burak Bueyuekdemerci: It’s about a person who has to change but he’s fighting a battle against himself because he’s simply unable to change and to break away from his accustomed routines. But in the end, the person succeeds nevertheless and changes his life.

What inspired you to write these lyrics?

Burak Bueyuekdemerci: I inspired myself. It’s my own life story.


Burak and Martina Sochor from C.LOUD Pro

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