Experiments non-stop

Experimenting, testing and understanding. Over 2,000 pupils came to the Ars Electronica Center to present their self-developed experiments to a public audience and to take a look at other experimental set-ups. View our picture gallery of astonished and curious gazes of the participating kids and teenagers!

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Every two years the “Experimentale”, organized by the Nawi4You association, presents scientific experiments that were developed by students and teachers to a broad public. The Ars Electronica Center was once again one of the sites in Upper Austria where chemical, physical, mathematical and biological experiments were shown. 2.143 pupils, teachers and visitors from all over Upper Austria came to Linz on March 9, 2017, – and proved once again how exciting and understandable science can be.

Photos: Christopher Sonnleitner, Martin Hieslmair

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