Visiting Ars Electronica Center

Every day, new impressions on Instagram show us just how diverse and multifaceted the perspectives are that our visitors take during their visit of the Ars Electronica Center.

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Share your photos the next time you visit the Ars Electronica Center in Linz and use the hashtag #arselectronica on the social networks. You can see our photos at We look forward to your visit – and thank you for following us!

Many thanks to our visitors, who allowed us to show their photo here: @gabriela_fustos, @lukezaluski, @b_a_m_b_u_s_, @daisylivyves, @tynacistozoubkova, @breakdown_entertainment, @luke___d, @teamobsession, @minimidimami, @lu_lu_lucias, @malte_gehrmann, @abbyembu, @wenningerthomas, @rtakeoka, @floriots, @florianhoflehner, @nv2247mit, @liftildapeak, @raabmartina, @cydoniansky_illu, @babsiilicious, @egekokel, @cupasoup, @thevieli