The 2020 STARTS Prize Jury


The members of the STARTS Prize Jury are no strangers – rather, they are international, renowned experts from different fields who have one thing in common: Their often unusual view into the future. It is with precisely this view in mind that they will examine the entries for the STARTS Prize 2020 at the end of April and award prizes to the most promising. The two major prizes are divided into the categories “Artistic Exploration” and “Innovative Collaboration”. As can be guessed from the titles, the focus is on the one hand on the added value of art for technological developments and on the other hand on innovative collaborations between technology and the arts. Groundbreaking collaborations and projects driven by both technology and the arts are expected.

Here we let the jury members introduce themselves – we have selected videos where you can get to know them and their work.

Mara Balestrini

The Italian Mara Balestrini is a researcher in the field of human computer interaction and technology strategies. She investigates the role of technology as a tool to shape a citizen-driven future and change society, recalling the importance of public access to information and data.

Mara’s work operates at the interface between civil society technology, design and action research. She has authored over 30 publications on these topics and coordinated projects such as Making Sense EU, Bristol Approach and #DataFutures.

Domhnaill Hernon

The Irishman is the head of Experiments in Arts and Technology (E.A.T.) at Nokia Bell Labs, where he focuses on the fusion of art and technology and the development of solutions that humanize technology. He spoke on this topic at TEDx Bermuda last December.

At Inspirefest 2017 he explained this STEAM collaboration to Philip King through conversation, music and singing.

Kei Shimada

Kei Shimada is a Japanese-American entrepreneur based in New York. For many years he worked for large and small companies to shape and refine his diverse skills. He supports companies in digital transformation, crisis management and communication in general and is a much requested keynote speaker. His strength lies in identifying and solving complex problems.

Currently, Kei Shimada is head of the Digital Makers Lab at IBM Japan, where he is responsible for leading the digital transformation of customers as well as creating new solutions and business models through the use of new technologies.

Francesca Bria

Francesca Bria is an Italian information technology specialist and consultant for digital strategy, technology and information policy. She is a Senior Consultant to the United Nations (UN-Habitat) on digital cities and digital rights and founder of the Decode Project, an EU-wide initiative to regain data sovereignty for citizens. In a keynote speech at Shift Automotive 2019, she speaks about using data and technology for the public good.

In a talk on digitisation, Francesca Bria talks about the future, transparent governments, democracy, smart solutions and citizen-centred cities.

Nobu Ide

After 18 years with Sharp Corporation, Japanese Nobu Ide joined Wacom as General Manager of Technology Marketing to consolidate its leading role in the digital pen market. He promoted cooperation with key industry partners around the world. In April 2018 he took over the role of Representative Director, President & CEO.

In an interview at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco 2018, Nobu Ide describes Wacom’s concerns and goals.

Alexander Mankowsky

This is not the first time that the German futurologist Alexander Mankowsky has been on the jury. A graduate sociologist, philosopher and psychologist, he was ” swapped over ” to futurology with the rise of artificial intelligence and began his career at the Daimler Research Institute. In an interview at re:publica 2017, he describes his field of activity and the necessity of empathy with robots.

His current field of research focuses on transportation and the future of mobility.

Clara Blume

Clara Blume was born in Vienna with Spanish-Indonesian roots. She is best known as a singer/songwriter in the field of avant-garde pop – if she can be pressed into a schema at all. Here the song “Maybe I’m a Satellite”, live from the WUK Vienna.

Clara Blume is also Deputy Director and Head of the Art, Science and Technology Department at Open Austria, the Austrian Consulate and Innovation Office in Silicon Valley. She curates and promotes artistic projects at the interface of art and technology and at the same time builds a bridge between Austria and the innovation ecosystem in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the 2019 Ars Electronica Festival she spoke on the topic of Digital Humanism as a European strategy in Silicon Valley.

If you have a project that you would like to submit – you still have the chance until March 16. You can find information about this here.

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