.art Domains and Ars Electronica Launch Online Exhibition for the Festival 2020


by .art Domains and Ars Electronica

In relation to this year’s festival topic of connecting the physical and the digital, Ars Electronica .ART Gallery will take place online, inviting visitors to explore two sections: Ars Electronica .ART Global Gallery and Ars Electronica .ART Pavilions. The Global Gallery section is open to all applicants through an Open Call, which offers digital artists a unique opportunity to be part of the festival by submitting their work to be exhibited in this section. Ars Electronica .ART Pavilions will feature special projects presented by Ars Electronica’s selection of curators.

The current situation has set the stage for an unprecedented shift toward the online. Rising to these challenging times, the team behind .art Domains has developed .art Digital Twin. Ars Electronica .ART Gallery is highlighting the variety of projects that are possible within the online format and offer participating artists the opportunity to certify their works with this new tool.

The .art Digital Twin, available at ip.art, captures the artwork information in quality and volume that wouldn’t be possible with a “traditional” offline certificate. Using the DNS (domain name system) stability as its foundation allows for Ethereum integration and existing blockchain solutions to be additionally used. The .art Digital Twin empowers artists to attach and store an unprecedented number of data and files about an artwork, allowing for new levels of data sharing in an online exhibition format. Together with Ars Electronica, the team behind .art Domains hopes to improve the current conditions for digital art certification.

Submissions are now open for the Ars Electronica .ART Global Gallery! Apply before September 1st, 2020, to be part of festival’s history.

Open Call application form: globalgallery.art.art

Submissions are moderated and when submitting your work you’re asked to pay $20. We want to make clear that we don’t charge you for your participation but for the .art Digital Twin you will receive.

About .art Domains

.art is the only domain for the creative community, launched in December 2016 under an exclusive agreement between a London-based company UK Creative Ideas Limited (UKCI) and ICANN, the Internet regulating body. To date, .art has sold over 80 000 domains in more than 160 countries. It is the 37th biggest selling domain among 1226 domain zones on the global namestat.org ranking, continually improving its position. The mission of .art is to bring technology and art close enough to create a synergy that will take us all into a new future.

Learn more: www.art.art

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