Inside Festival 02

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In the second session of “Inside Festival”, Christl Baur and Manuela Hillmann will address the topic of “Soil” that connects us all. The Festival Garden Indonesia, entitled “Infinity“, organized by the MAG (MediaArtGlobale) Festival, will tell us about the origin of Sambal, a chili spice paste, that is a unique symbol of the Indonesian culture and identity and springs from the fertile soil of Indonesia.

La República de la Montaña, which hosts the Garden Andes, was founded as a utopian micronation, decentralized and intangible, which activates an ephemeral appearance from the foothills of the Andes towards the limits of our perception. It is a permaculture farm located in Peñalolén, who wants to bring us closer to nature and introduces their community project “Cooking for Freedom“. A project that arose out of necessity and uses the fruits of Chile’s soil to bring people together.

Grounding is a refocusing of our gaze, a search for a new connection with what is under our feet. Understanding our ethical role in the planet’s transformation requires the ability to recognize nature as a complex self-sufficient system. We are only a part of it. Natural formations exist as open systems of continuous interspecies communication. The ITMO University in St. Petersburg takes us on a journey to underground structures that become a manifestation of the soil of the Anthropocene themselves. The reinforced concrete cave left by people strives to resemble the natural landscape, to fit into it unnoticeably. A mythical pattern of the cultural and physical landscape, the bunker organizes the same hidden life inside itself, striving to be filled with new content, acting as an inhuman actor of an increasingly dark