Branch Magazine: A Sustainable and Just Internet for All / Climate Action Tech (EU/Global)
Credit: Climate Action Tech

Prix 2021: Sustainable and fairer Internet for everybody

Can artificial intelligence help us become more environmentally sustainable? How can we reduce the growing energy requirements of cryptocurrencies? And how can we free the IT sector from fossil fuels?

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The authors of “Branch Magazine” reflect on the many possible paths towards a sustainable and fairer Internet for all. The online magazine of “Climate Action Tech” is itself a model of this mission – it was not only developed in a resource-saving way, but also adapts its appearance to the current share of renewable energies. For this commitment, “Branch Magazine” is being honored with the new Ars Electronica Award for Digital Humanity from the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. The Branch Magazin will organize the theme Conference at the Ars Electronica Festival.