Inside Festival 11

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The “Remix, (FWBM) Food Waste Biomaterial Makers Workshop” is a demonstration and hands-on experimentation of material design through bio recipes and manufacturing processes that promote sustainability, circularity, biodegradability and zero waste. The nominated project of Starts Prize for innovative collaboration is inviting us to a four-hour biomaterials workshop at Fab Lab Barcelona.

The Garden New York presents “Conscious Community”. This Program will explore the question of how we can start dialogues across different mediums, cultures, backgrounds and communities, and how new technology can help us connect and perhaps even heal. The experimental filmmaker and performance artist Anto Astudillo and the musician Mx_mango will explore the values of a conscious community in their live performances. The Flex Dance Program will host an online and in-person workshop for kids and youth as well as perform. All the artists will be body captured into VR spaces that Sky Rolnick coded and perform in his Infinity Studio VR. Ulisespal and She’s Excited! Invite the audience to participate in their audio-reactive sound and visual sculpture.

Our online festival Garden Seoul organized and curated by K’ART is presenting an Online Lecture Series with the title “Code: Humor”, that focuses on humor, a trait unique to humans, and “play,” which is an extended act of enjoying humor in the post-COVID situation where the rapid transition to a digital society is underway. Through talks by experts in various fields such as cultural anthropology, psychology, gaming, and arts, we will try to see the crisis as an opportunity and explore the value of humor to imagine the future in various ways.

“The Paquete Semanal” is a program of Garden Cuba. It is a one-byte media collection put together weekly in Cuba and distributed throughout the country person-to-person or in files. It is an independent alternative that has developed with the accomplice silence of the Cuban society. Mainly based on piracy, it contains some 15,000-18,000 files, depending on the week and distributor, and covers a wide variety of contents.