New technologies as part of law studies

Technological developments such as artificial intelligence are giving rise to new business areas and models and thus also raise legal questions. For example, who is liable in the event of an accident involving a self-driving car? What copyright issues arise when artificial intelligence produces creative works?

To prepare students for possible future questions, Ars Electronica’s Future Thinking School has developed a new elective course in cooperation with Johannes Kepler University that will be held in the winter semester of 2021/22 to examine various aspects of new technologies. In “Beyond Coding: New Technologies in Context,” students in the new bachelor’s degree program in law at JKU explored the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous driving, AI and creativity, creative robotics, drones and artificial swarming. An important goal here was to raise awareness among students that there is not yet a valid legal framework for many transformative technological developments.

This innovative course was held in collaboration with lecturers from Creative Robotics, Cloudflight, the Linz University of Art and Ars Electronica – all of which are major institutions in Linz, the capital of innovation. This interdisciplinarity of business, academic fields as well as the artistic perspective allowed students to experience law in the context of new technologies.

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