Fluid Sonic Spaces

Planche au fond; Credit: Hannah Janiczek

MKD Meets NEXTCOMIC – Augmented Comics 2024: Space, sound and comics – students of the Master School of Communication Design Linz present colorful, animated and fluid comic sound collages.

NEXTCOMIC feat. Anton Bruckner defines the cultural year 2024 in Linz and thus also the topics in the urban air. Space, sound and animation – the comic worlds created by the students are designed using various techniques, some of which are designed and augmented with artificial intelligence. Digital elements are combined with the real, analog environment to create an augmented reality. During the NEXTCOMIC Festival 2024, the artworks will be presented at the Ars Electronica Center and the OÖ Kulturquartier. The opening will take place on March 15 at 19:00 in the OÖ Kulturquartier and on March 20 at 18:00 in Deep Space 8K of the Ars Electronica Center. The exhibitions can be visited during opening hours. But what is it all about?

Fluid Creativity

The term “fluid” is on everyone’s lips. A word that reflects the current mood in society? A buzzword? What does “fluid” really mean? - Well, it depends on the context.

Fluids are substances that have the ability to flow or move without retaining a fixed form. Fluid is therefore anything that changes easily, is adaptable and versatile. In the natural sciences, flowable substances are summarized under the term “fluids”; gases and liquids are therefore fluid substances. But the term “fluid” has already arrived in design too. Fluid design is characterized by flexibility and adaptability. On the one hand in terms of content, but also in terms of form. At a time when people rely on a variety of different devices and applications, these are key components.

Under the direction of Viktoria Schlögl and Helmut Höllerl, project managers and lecturers at the Master School of Communication Design at HTL1 Bau und Design Linz, the students are getting to the bottom of “fluidity”. They ask themselves whether there is such a thing as fluid thinking. Or fluid intelligence? Could one even go so far as to claim that human creativity influences algorithm- and data-based implementations?  

The question of the social relevance of “fluidity” is a central one. A fluid society can probably only be possible if diversity is seen as a necessity and creativity has its place in finding answers with original and valuable ideas and concepts.

The question of what “fluid” means in connection with space and sound has led her to terms such as fluid hearing and feeling, fluid emotions, fluid communication – fluid sound spaces in which you can let yourself drift. It was precisely these FLUID SONIC SPACES that inspired the students’ contributions to the NEXTCOMIC Festival 2024. The fluid comics were augmented with the AR app ARTIVIVE. In search of fluid forms and themes of creativity, they continue the series MKD MEETS NEXTCOMIC – Augmented Comics 2024 under the title FLUID SONIC SPACES. Dive in and get fluid!


Julia Brunnbauer 

The work “EVOLVE” deals with the topic of individual development in the course of life. Fluid and crystalline intelligence play a decisive role in this. Fluid intelligence is innate and cannot be influenced. Crystalline intelligence, on the other hand, develops under the influence of upbringing, cultural environment and actively acquired knowledge. The path of failure is just as much a part of this as positive experiences.

Credit: Brain Comic / Julia Brunnbauer

Planche au fond 

Hannah Janiczek 

You hesitate at the tip of the trembling board,
Then you laugh, and as if driven by a wind
you plunge into the arms of your divine friend, who catches you.

– Eugenio Montale, Falsetto 

canvas in flux 

Lukas Kalkhofer 

Architecture can suggest a flawless world, but gentrification could be lurking behind it. Aesthetic appearances are often deceptive. Urban changes reinforce social inequality, drive communities away and reveal the dark side of development.

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