Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation (FZC)/Etopia

Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation (FZC) / Etopia is a private non-profit foundation founded in 2004. Its founding objectives include the dissemination – at all levels in the city of Zaragoza (and beyond at Spanish and international level) – of the progress made by Knowledge Society to construct a more participative, equalitarian, inclusive, and innovative society; to open up to new development expectations offered by the intersection of art, science and technology and focus to erase digital gaps in groups in danger of social exclusion. The Foundation headquarters are located, since 2013, at Etopia Centre for Art and Technology, a municipal facility of the city of Zaragoza with more than 16,000 square metres dedicated to digital art, artistic residencies, creative technologies, citizen science and entrepreneurship where the foundation acts as the coordinating entity in charge the programme.

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