ARS ELECTRONICA four decades: the essentials

November 19, 2018 – December 3, 2018
Steam Center, No. 9, Wang Jing Central South Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

As a pioneer in the world of exploring and expressing the potential of technology and science through art, Ars Electronica has been supporting numerous artists who cross and redefine these boundaries. Encouraging a global audience to engage with new technologies as well as to start imagining new possibilities and solution through creativity and art is a fundamental pillar of the organization. To honor the organizations achievements the Central Academy of Fine Arts Arts in Beijing, China implements the exhibition ARS ELECTRONICA four decades: the essentials. Through that CAFA contributes to Ars Electronica’s archive research and honorably participates in its 39 year long history.

ARS ELECTRONICA four decades: the essentials is the start of a ongoing collaboration between CAFA and Ars Electronica. CAFA invited their researchers and students to present Ars Electronica’s history, visionary work, pioneering innovations, remarkable videos, internet developments and publications. They received extensive help and support from Ars Electronica through getting access to its abundant archive as well as in person consultation. The team got involved deeply with Ars Electronica themes like early attempts from interactive installations to drone performances. Starting from selecting and elaborating the works, over organizing the visual layout and finally translating the materials, everything was a team effort.

CAFA redesigned and revised the materials from the Ars Electronica archive for the local audience, as they know how to transmit these contents for a different cultural context. Productivity and risks are shared universally as this project offers the right opportunity to rethink these issues and bring together the insights from different regions. CAFA hereby celebrats the great collaboration with Ars Electronica, express enormous gratitude, and is looking forward to the future.

Text: Qiu Zhijie, Zhou Rongrong
Curator: QIU Zhijie
Assistant Curators: ZHOU Rongrong, Iris LONG
Ars Electronica Team: Martin Honzik, Christl Baur, Christina Radner, Manuela Naveau
Partner: Hyundai Motor
Venue: Steam Center, Beijing, China
The exhibition is based on the content of the Ars Electronica Archive.