Impetus and Movement – Ars Electronica at VW Berlin

(12.07. – 16.09.2012, Automobilforum Unter den Linden Volkswagen AG)

“In your hands” by Dash Macdonald (GB) Foto: Benjamin Males and “Floor” by Cantoni/Crescenti (BR)

Ars Electronica Export is invited again at Volkswagen AG in Berlin to show already for the third time outstanding artistic approaches, focussing on our “Zeitgeist” and mobility. On two different levels the showroom in Berlin will present 19 installations and documentations. In this third exhibition staged jointly by Ars Electronica and Volkswagen, the spotlight is focused on a balancing act between absolute self-determination and utter disenfranchisement. In it, the urban space as an extreme example of a living situation that is as real as it is elaborately construed is conceived as a laboratory for the development and testing of innovative strategies and approaches. Prizewinning works of art open up extraordinary spheres of association that range from philosophical reflection to the pursuit of self-awareness in real-world settings.