PASEO PROJECT – New Creative Models to Experience the City

The Spanish foundation Zaragoza ciudad del conocimiento (Saragossa City of Knowledge) received support from Ars Electronica this past year in launching its PASEO PROJECT, a joint effort in Saragossa to discover creative new ideas for communication in and with a city. The first Paseo Project honoree is Florian Tuercke (DE) for his New Creative Model to Experience the City.

Saragossa also opened its new Etopia Center of Art and Technology in 2012 to serve as the city’s go-to facility for innovation and new media culture, as well as the headquarters of this year’s search for creative new models that facilitate, expand and intensify the way people experience cities. In this spirit, Ars Electronica is once again supporting the City of Saragossa in awarding two international prizes in conjunction with the PASEO PROJECT.

This competition will single out for recognition the most innovative metropolitan-themed projects at the nexus of art, technology and new media. Jurors will especially be on the lookout for urban data visualizations and digital media, video mapping in public places, augmented reality related to big-city life, and creative content for jumbo-format projection screens.

Info about submitting an entry is available at