TAICCA x Ars Electronica Art Thinking Program

In 2024, Ars Electronica collaborates with the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) to jointly organize the TAICCA x Ars Electronica Art Thinking program. The aim is to support creative makers with training and mentoring in developing a prototype of an immersive experience, performance or installation.

In the dynamic landscape of creative art and tech, this program seeks to empower creative makers by introducing different tools of art thinking. This active switch of perspectives enables exploring new potentialities. Through an open call, participants were invited to submit their proposals, leading to an intense Art Thinking Workshop in Taipei. Following this, one winning project was selected for further refinement, culminating in presentations at prestigious events such as the Ars Electronica Festival and TAICCA’s Taiwan Creative Content Fest.

Project Steps:

  1. Art Thinking Open Call
    Aspiring artists, technologists, and innovators from Taiwan were invited to submit their proposals for immersive experiences, performances, or installations. This open call aimed to attract a diverse range of creative talents, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and approaches.
  2. Art Thinking Workshop in Taipei
    Selected participants from the open call joined the intensive Art Thinking Workshops held in Taipei. Led by experts from Ars Electronica Network and TAICCA, the workshops provided insightful inspiration, expertise and exchange.
  3. Winning Project
    All participating teams were able to revise and update their proposals based on the insights gained during the workshop. A jury comprising representatives from Ars Electronica, TAICCA, and industry experts evaluated the updated proposals and selected one winning project to receive further support and resources for development.
  4. Presentation at Ars Electronica Festival in September
    The winning project be presented at the prestigious Ars Electronica Festival in September. This global event attracts artists, innovators, and audiences from around the world, providing exposure and networking opportunities.
  5. Presentation at TAICCA’s Taiwan Creative Content Fest in November
    In addition to the Ars Electronica Festival, the winning project will also be featured at TAICCA’s Taiwan Creative Content Fest in November. This event serves as a platform to celebrate and promote Taiwan’s vibrant creative content industry, offering the winning project further visibility and recognition within the local and international creative community.

Find out more about the work in progress below: