50 Years of Scheuch – Shadowgram

Shadowgram in Aurolzm├╝nster

Shadowgram played a prominent role at the 50-year-anniversary celebration of environmental technology company Scheuch. At the celebration in Aurolzm├╝nster, the company’s employees and guests used Shadowgram for creative brainstormings and to congratulate the company.
The participants are individually photographed before an illuminated wall. Each resulting silhouette image is then printed out as a sticker that, with an accompanying speech balloon (that can contain personal thoughts and opinions on any particular subject), is affixed to a map. In this way, the silhouettes and speech balloons make a loud and clear statement about current opinions and trends.

Contracting entity: Eventwerkstatt Linz
Client: Scheuch

Project Credits: Ars Electronica Futurelab, Bernd Albl, Stephan Pointner