70th Anniversary Industriellenvereinigung

In Upper Austria, industry is the driving force behind the economic output of the entire region. The enormous power of industrial production, value added and investment is what makes Upper Austria an important place to do business. The Industriellenvereinigung (IV), the industrial association of Upper Austria, celebrated its 70th anniversary in June 2017.

To mark the occasion, the IV commissioned Ars Electronica Solutions to design and produce an interactive installation depicting the IV’s four most important themes. The installation was conceived to provide visual highlights accompanying the program of events at the gala celebration, and also to serve as a permanent installation on display at the IV’s Linz headquarters. Plus, there’s a mobile version of the application designed to conveniently take on the road.

The basis of the installation is the depiction of an interactive globe on which geographic interrelationships, statistical data and diverse media (text, graphics, film, animation) can be displayed. The media elements were editorially prepared and integrated into the installation in such a way that “stories” about the four most important themes can be queried interactively. At the heart of the installation is a content management system that enables the IV to update and modify the presentation at any time.

Project Credits: Ina Badics, Michael Badics, Stefan Dorn, Marcus Dittebrand, Harald Moser, My Trinh Müller-Gardiner, Ali Nikrang

Foto Credits: Ars Electronica / Harald Moser