Ärzte ohne Grenzen hautnah

On October 11, 2023, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Austria opened the exhibition ‘Ärzte ohne Grenzen hautnah’ at Pfarrplatz in Linz. The outdoor exhibition vividly conveys the functioning of humanitarian aid. In collaboration with Ars Electronica Solutions, projections from current mission areas were presented for the first time.

Marion Jaros-Nitsch, responsible for Youth and Events at Doctors Without Borders Austria, emphasizes, “With our exhibition ‘Ärzte ohne Grenzen hautnah,’ we invite people to immerse themselves in the reality of our work for a short time and experience our daily challenges, as well as some of our successes.” She underscores the necessity of rapid assistance, as seen recently after natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Turkey and Northern Syria or in Morocco, as well as after the floods in Libya.

Visitors can experience the world of the organization in tents that are also used in mission areas. An inflatable operating room provides insights into medical challenges.

Chris Bruckmayr, Head of Products & Events at Ars Electronica Solutions, highlights their support for the outdoor exhibition, striving to bring the relevance and diversity of ‘MSF’ humanitarian aid to a broad audience through innovative technologies.

The exhibition on Pfarrplatz, lasting twelve days, showcases the diversity of humanitarian aid, raises awareness for lesser-known crisis areas, and provides an up-close look into the daily lives of those affected and the experiences of the relief workers through photo projections. Doctors Without Borders are on-site to generate interest and garner support through donations or volunteer efforts.
The open-air exhibition can be visited for free until October 22.

Project Credits:
Chris Bruckmayr, David Holzweber, Kati Romics, Klaus Dieterstorfer

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Foto Credits:
Isabel Schölmbauer / Ars Electronica Solutions
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