Ars Electronica Solutions at the GLOBAL SOCIAL BUSINESS SUMMIT

The GSBS brings together people from all over the world who have the strong will and dedication to make our planet a better place
Prof. Muhammad Yunus–Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Global Social Business Summit 2015
The GSBS 2015 covers a full week of events taking place from Tuesday, 3rd to Sunday, 8th of November at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany!

Refugee Action Tank
The refugee crisis is a burning topic in Berlin, Europe and the world. Therefore, the organizers have set up the Refugee Action Tank under the leadership of Ron Garan (NASA astronaut) and Michael Badics (Senior Director of Ars Electronica Solutions). They will host meetings during the GSBS to explore how to use tools that led to the success of social business to decrease refugees’ risk of poverty and unemployment.

About GSBS: The Global Social Business Summit is the worldwide leading forum for social business. It serves to spread awareness of Social Business, foster discussion and collaboration, as well as present and conceive best practices among companies, governments, entrepreneurs, civil society and academia to shape the future economic and social system through meetings, forums and workshops.

About SOCIAL BUSINESS: Over the past years, Professor Yunus has taken the experience and expertise gained from the success of the Grameen Bank, to introduce a new business model—Social Business. A social business is a non-dividend company created to solve a social problem. Like an NGO, it has a social mission. Like a firm, it generates its own revenues to cover costs. Investors may recoup their investment. All profits are reinvested for growth and innovation, or to seed new social business ventures.

Ars Electronica Solutions is working together with The Grameen Creative Lab at several levels:
The Grameen Creative Lab is participating in the Ars Electronica Festival 2015 – Post City and the partners cooperate again at the Global Social Business Summit 2015 in Berlin.

The Grameen Creative Lab at Ars Electronica Festival 2015 – Post City
Ausstellung: HABITAT 21
Workshop: Social Business Introduction
Workshop: How to become a social business city?
Symposium: POST CITY Symposium IV: Habitat 21