Shadowgram @ Austrian Event Award 2013

“Social Brainstorming” at the Austrian Event Award

The Event Award is Austria‚Äôs premier award show in the area of event marketing. At the Event Award 2013, a jury of experts awarded prizes in 11 categories; in addition, a special prize for Green Events was awarded. Ars Electronica’s Shadowgram invited visitors to participate in the process of “social brainstorming” in a special setting: artist Christian Ridder painted a large-format picture during the event. Later, visitors added their own touch to the painting by sticking their Shadowgrams on it. The resulting work of art reflected the mood of the event, according to the motto “From Spectacle to Sense”.

Further information about the event is available here.

Event: Austrian Event Award 2013
Location: Design Center Linz
Date: Dezember 02, 2013

Project Credits: Ars Electronica Futurelab, Bernd Albl, Dietmar Peter, Stephan Pointner