Austrian Standards – Phase I

Austrian Standards celebrates 100 years anniversary

With the Austrian Standards New Year’s Reception and the presentation of the Living Standards Award 2020, the
“Soft Opening” of the exhibition 100 years of Austrian Standards took place on the 23rd of January.

With this exhibition Austrian Standards’ 100 years of history will be put into focus and the standards and norms which surround us in everyday life but are hardly noticed will be staged. The individual installations designed by Ars Electronica Solutions will be gradually shown throughout the year. They are part of a larger overall picture, which is ensured by finesse in content, stringent visual language and well-thought-out placement.

In a first step, four installations are presented to the public: A sculpture in the shape of an infinite triangle welcomes visitors to the foyer. The three legs of the sculpture represent past, present and future and are made of three different materials, by means of which the historically first standards are represented (ÖNORM, EN, ISO).
Norms and their surrounding framework, represented as a neural network, intertwined with future issues, illustrate how everything is connected and networked and invite more detailed exploration. At the photo station anyone can become part of the family of Austrian Standards. The portraits are integrated into the photo mosaic, which represents employees, customers, partners and visitors. Finally, in the elevators there are screens that present corresponding standards or animated information depending on the movement of the lift.

You can read the press release here.

Further installations are planned in the course of the first six months.

Team Solutions:
Ina Badics, Markus Wipplinger, Harald Moser, Stefan Dorn, Andreas Pramböck, Patrick Müller, My Trinh Müller-Gardiner, Robert Pibernig, Dominik Trichlin

Garamantis GmbH, Petros Kataras, PeakImpact, Tischlerei Niedermayr

Foto Credits:
Philipp Lipiarski