Beauty & Vulnerability – Earth from Space

The perspective that space affords us of Earth is undoubtedly the most meaningful when it comes to identifying global changes on our planet. Through Earth observation from space, we can clearly see the urgency and invaluable value of this practice in terms of its environmental, socio-economic, and societal benefits. An engaging and enlightening virtual presentation takes us on an inspiring journey to explore current challenges of climate change.

Robert Meisner and Nils Sparwasser use impressive satellite images to vividly demonstrate how changes can be documented and assessed in a global context. Their images illustrate the undisputed importance of Earth observation for science and humanity as a whole. The accompanying live piano composition by Rupert Huber enhances the emotional depth of the journey around the world and allows us to feel the connection to the earth in a special way.

Nils Sparwasser (DE) – DLR, Robert Meisner (DE) – ESA, Rupert Huber (AT),