Curating Room – Ferdinandeum

Ars Electronica Solutions has installed a space designed as a setting for an interactive experience—a Curating Room—at the Ferdinandeum Museum in Innsbruck, Austria.

Visitors to Innsbruck’s Ferdinandeum can use the #myFERDINANDEUM app to independently customize an exhibition space at the museum.
All objects that visitors see on display and that particularly appeal to them as they tour the museum—paintings, drawings, graphics, sculptures, bronze castings, archeological finds or musical instruments—can be collected and arranged in a fun way with the app. In their personally curated exhibition, visitors can, for instance, combine science and art, consider Modernism in light of the Baroque, and even organize an encounter with a particular theme—say, love—or they can simply gather works selected on the basis of aesthetic criteria.
In the “Curating Room,” the collections are then presented in true-to-life dimensions on three projection walls. Here, visitors can also swap objects, rearrange them, apply a different color to the space’s walls, and, of course, spend some time considering what they’ve amassed and letting the impressions sink in.

All the exhibition spaces curated by visitors were automatically saved online, so they could be reviewed at a later time and shared on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest). The App has been realized by Fluxguide.

Project Credits: My Trinh Gardiner, Barbara Hinterleitner, Petros Kataras, Andreas Pramböck

Foto Credits: in the headroom

Curating Room