Deep Space Shanghai

First Deep Space by Ars Electronica in Asia

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On December 23, 2023, Ars Electronica Solutions unveiled the groundbreaking “Deep Space Future” at the West Bund Museum in Shanghai. This innovative immersive experience is equipped with eight high-resolution pure laser projectors, marking the first 8K immersive space of its kind in Asia.

The Deep Space Future is located in the basement of the West Bund Museum, showcasing over ten applications spanning disciplines such as media arts, cultural heritage and science communication. Through cutting-edge technology and the integration of globally leading cultural IPs, as well as various art forms like digital media, music, theater, and painting, this space transforms into a captivating “time and space portal.” Visitors can freely travel between the past and the future, explore cultural treasures, relish the romance of the universe, discover the beauty of matter, and indulge in the joy of play.

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“Deep Space is a place with a soul,” describes Michael Mondria, CEO of Ars Electronica Solutions. “We are committed to providing artists with an easily accessible creative environment.” Similar to its predecessor, the Deep Space at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, the Deep Space Future opens up endless possibilities, both in the versatility of its use as a space and as an inspiration for new applications by artists and cultural creators.


Centrally located on the museum mile along the West Bund in Shanghai, the museum is a significant cultural center in the region. Distinguished by its open and interdisciplinary approach, the West Bund Museum is the largest institution on the new museum mile, emphasizing diverse artistic genres and international exchange. Future exhibitions will not only showcase Chinese and international artworks but also present content from the realms of Astronomy, Art, and Culture.

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Project Credits:
Yvonne Metnitzer, Michael Mondria, Patrick Müller, Andreas Pramböck, Kati Romics, Roland Stampfer
Garamantis GmbH, Katrin Fenninger

Foto Credits:
Kati Romics / Ars Electronica Solutions
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