Deep Space Singapore

A Deep Space for the Science Center Singapore

The Science Centre Singapore recently opened the exhibition E3 – Emmersive Experimental Environments – the Ars Electronica Solutions contributed the knowledge for a Deep Space Theatre. By presenting the Deep Space, the successful cooperation of Science Centre Singapore and Ars Electronica has continued.

Project Credits: Michael Badics, Stephan Pointner, Andreas Pramböck, Klaus Dieterstorfer, Dietmar Peter, Patrick Müller, Stefan Dorn, Markus Wipplinger, Gerald Priewasser, Oliver Elias (Garamantis Berlin), Maria Eschlböck, Roland Haring (Ars Electronica Futurelab), Manuela Naveau (Ars Electronica Export)

Foto Credits: Ars Electronica, Klaus Dieterstorfer

Deep Space