Enamo – First Class Energy Night

Interactive Installations at the “First Class Energy Night 2012”

ENAMO GmbH brings together the know-how of the two leading Upper Austrian utilities: Energie AG and LINZ AG.
“Rational Choice or Gut Decision” was the motto of First Class Energy Night 2012. Participants from Linz AG and Energie AG (including Ellmeier) had fun with Shadowgram, taking a playful approach to speaking their mind.

Shadowgram is an innovative form of so-called social brainstorming. First, participants are individually photographed before an illuminated wall. Each resulting silhouette image is then printed out as a sticker that, with an accompanying speech balloon (which can contain personal thoughts and opinions on any particular subject), is affixed to a map. In this way, the silhouettes and speech balloons make a loud and clear statement about current opinions and trends.

Plus, a dynamic interactive Welcome Platform was created especially for the event. As soon as someone going through the registration process was recognized, he/she got a high-profile greeting on several monitors arrayed about the venue’s Lobby. This also alerted the other participants that he/she was on the scene, and thus established an information platform for networking on this evening.

Contracting entity: ENAMO
Client: Energie AG
Project Credits: Bernd Albl, Michael Badics, Youri Marco, Ars Electronica Futurelab

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