ESA – Climate Office

The talk was about the European Space Agency’s cutting-edge global observation records that play a crucial role in shaping our understanding of climate change. Supporting the UNFCCC, these data provide the foundation for national and international efforts to predict future change, inform climate mitigation and implement adaptation policy and action.

Climate change is the biggest global threat and challenge in the 21st century. Raising awareness though all levels of society is essential. Little Pictures can foster climate literacy and facilitate discussion as to how the global community can address the deepening climate crisis. Simple, and data-driven, Little Pictures can have a big impact by visualizing complex observations of our Earth from space. Satellites provide a global perspective on Earth’s changing climate. They offer valuable insights into historical trends and early warning of environmental change to inform scientists and policy makers worldwide. Through simple data-driven visualizations of the climate we want to distil this space-derived information into accessible, engaging visual formats.

Susanne Mecklenburg (DE)- ESA Climate Office