ESA Memorabilia Exhibition

From Memories to Future Activities

In Frascati, at the headquarters of ESRIN, the new exhibition “Memorabilia” was opened. The small exhibition gives an overview of the development of spaceflight in Europe and shows digital documents as well as memorabilia from more than 40 years of spaceflight. Parts of satellites, old magazines, historical film footage and many other artifacts gathered from a team of ESA colleagues, model makers and technicians create a special perspective on Europe’s spaceflight history.

Ars Electronica Solutions has contributed several essential parts of the exhibition, including a holographic representation of ESA satellites with their wonderful visual results and an interactive showcase where a part of a satellite can be explored individually.

Project Credits:
Stefan Dorn, Harald Moser, Patrick Müller, Markus Wipplinger, Dominik Trichlin

Flo Cossee & Klaus Dieterstorfer- Peak Impact, Oliver Elias, Marcus Dittebrand – Garamantis

Foto Credits:
Francesco Malavasi (ESA), Michael Mondria

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