Geysir Museum Andernach

A game about human footprint

The Geysir Museum Andernach is located along the Rhine promenade near the highest geyser in the world. It’s a multimedia and interactive permanent exhibition about topics such as the formation of geysers and volcanoes, physical and chemical natural phenomena, and the influence of humans on nature.

Ars Electronica Solutions developed a multi-touch table to go with the exhibition. In terms of content, the installation deals with the human footprint. In the form of a game, it demonstrates the extent to which humans influence nature. Satellite images taken over a period of years are played back one after the other to illustrate the changes in a particular landscape. The players can guess the location of a particular place by means of suggestions. The setting can be a glacier in Alaska or the Amazon rainforest, as well as an oil spill near Corsica or an illegal gold mine in Peru. The photographs were taken by the European Space Agency, a longtime cooperation and project realization partner of Ars Electronica.

Project Credits:
Kati Romics, Florian Cossee, Stephan Dorn


Photo Credits:
ESA, Ars Electronica Solutions