Gigapixel Terminal at the Göttweig Monastery

Since August, an interactive installation by Ars Electronica Solutions has provided an extraordinary enhancement to experiencing Paul Troger’s famous ceiling fresco from the monastery’s so-called Imperial Stairway. To accomplish this, Norbert Artner produced high-definition gigapixel photographs, which also serve to document the painting’s current condition. Guests touring Göttweig can now view this photographic material individually on a multi-touch terminal. Details that can’t be made out on the original become clearly visible and thus enrich the visitor experience.

The original was created by Paul Troger in 1739. The central figure is Emperor Karl VI as Helios Apollo with an entourage of muses. Ars Electronica Solutions worked together with Göttweig’s administration to come up with a solution that dovetails culturally and historically relevant factors with consideration of the demands placed on the exhibition concept.

Project Credits: Thomas Lengauer, Johanna Mathauer, Patrick Müller, Gerald Priewasser-Höller, Stefan Rozporka

Foto Credits: Ars Electronica Solutions