Showroom: InnoSpace

Event Award

The KEBA Group AG, a globally operating corporate group specializing in automation solutions, collaborated with Ars Electronica Solutions to create the “KEBA-InnoSpace” at its headquarters in Linz. This innovative showroom presents the latest KEBA innovations vividly through interactive media technologies.


In the “KEBA-InnoSpace,” several interconnected stations provide insights into various research and innovation fields of the company. Visitors are guided through the showroom with the assistance of sound and light design, as well as surprising scenographic elements such as autonomously moving transport robots (AGVs).


Ars Electronica Solutions is responsible for the spatial design of the presentation interfaces, as well as the sound and light design. The latter serves as a dramaturgical connection to the technical elements of the “KEBA-InnoSpace,” turning the tour into an individual journey into the future of intelligent technologies.

The result is an experiential space that not only showcases innovative KEBA solutions but also makes their complex structures palpable in a creative and emotional manner. Currently, the showroom is accessible exclusively to the company’s partners but has already been visited by over 3000 guests.

Project Credits:
Chris Bruckmayr, Stefan Dorn, Michaela Fragner, Manuela Gruber, David Holzweber, Patrick Müller, My Trinh Müller-Gardiner, Andreas Pramböck, Dominik Trichlin, Markus Wipplinger
Garamantis, Franz Böcksteiner, Jan Falb, Michael Mayr
Foto Credits:
KEBA, My Trinh Müller-Gardiner/ Ars Electronica Solutions
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