KinderUni OÖ – Shadowgram

Children and Technology

On June 11, 2015, Smart Innovation Steyr and KinderUni OÖ organized a practice day on the subject of “Children and Technology”. Ideas how to fill young people with enthusiasm for technology and natural sciences were presented by Ars Electronica, Steyr Motors, the Styrian Chamber of Commerce, the RIC Gunskirchen and the Techno-Z Braunau. Ideas for implementation were visualized via Ars Electronica’s popular exhibit Shadowgram. (Source: KinderUni OÖ)

Shadowgram brings out visitors’ own creativity. Silhouette images reveal an entire world of thinking about current issues. With playful ease, opinions materialize into a real picture.

Project Credits: Ina Badics, Stephan Pointner, Ars Electronica Futurelab

Foto Credits: Angelika Hofer, TIC Steyr