Living Planet Symposium

Bonn 2022

For ESA’s world’s largest Earth observation conference, Ars Electronica Solutions’ successful collaboration with ESA was continued. The impressive exhibit from ESRIN’s Φ-Experience in Frascati, the “Half Dome Globe”, was replicated as a modified mobile version and provides the latest data and findings on climate, weather and meteorology.

The interaction with topics from climate research and meteorology and the corresponding data takes place via a mobile device. ESA Climate Office staff used this to present the latest visualisations of data from Earth observation, individually tailored to the visitors.

Living Planet Symposium

On the image from left to right: Walther Pelzer (Head of the German Space Agency, DLR), Robert Meisner (Earth Observation Outreach & Φ-Experience coordinator, ESA), Michael Mondria (Senior Managing Director, Ars Electronica Solutions), Josef Aschbacher (Director General, ESA), Harald Moser (Senior Project Manager, Ars Electronica Solutions), Simonetta Cheli (Director of Earth Observation Programmes, ESA)

Project Credits:
Harald Moser, Markus Wipplinger, Stefan Dorn, Patrick Müller, Dominik Trichlin, Andreas Pramböck, David Holzweber

ESA,Garamantis, Messe Linz GmbH: Roland Stampfer

Ars Electronica Solutions, ESA, ESRIN

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