Music Theater Linz

Interactive Installations at Music Theater Linz

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Ars Electronica realized several interactive installations for the new Music Theater Linz, which provide comprehensive insights to the variety of genres in the music theater sphere. In addition, information relating to current performances are made accessible in a playful manner.

Music Theater Frieze
With the Music Theater Frieze, the storytelling tradition of historical tapestry merges with the immersive world of digital media. In a magical way, the visitors experience important moments in the history of the music theater. Their “aura” appears as a glowing gleam on the frieze and breathes life into the individual protagonists on the fifteen meter-long textile. The selected scenes represent mile stones, legendary performances, which provide the spectator with the history and in-depth information concerning direction, composition, stage design, etc. Fourteen protagonists, including Orpheus, Arnold Schönberg and Leonard Bernstein, are shown on the gold-interlaced frieze, representing different facets of the music theater.
The tapestry was created on a Jacquard weaving machine by the Textilzentrum Haslach on the basis of design specifications by Ars Electronica. This traditional approach makes it possible to create free, organic forms. Therefore, the Music Theater Frieze is not only a media art installation but also an expression of finest craftsmanship. Only few firms produce these elaborate fabrics.

Based upon the content of the Music Theater Frieze, visitors can use this installation to immerse themselves in the fourteen topics represented by the protagonists. At this interactive table, coded cards are interfaces to multimedia content. The code on each card is unique and is identified by a camera installed in the table. The appropriate information apears as text, picture, film on the screen. For acoustic content high-quality headphones are available.

Audio Bar
The Audio Bar provides sensual experiences during the performance breaks: Conversation is connected with acoustic enjoyment and the transfer of knowledge. Via iPads, visitors can choose comprehensive information concerning current performances, the artists, composers, etc. A large variety of pictures, videos and texts is available. High-quality headphones are available in order to be able to enjoy the music adequately.

The CineBox enables visitors to get to know the Music Theater’s ensemble: in a comfortable niche on the first floor, the visitors can watch short film portraits about each individual artist.

Project Credits: Chris Bruckmayr, Florina Costamoling, Stefan Fuchs, My Trinh Gardiner, Christoph Hofbauer, Petros Kataras, Fadil Kujundžić, Memetics, Kathrin A. Meyer, Stefan Mittlböck, Harald Moser, Patrick Müller, Otto Naderer, Nicolas Naveau, Ali Nikrang, Dietmar Peter, Andreas Pramböck, Roland Reiter, Alexa Steinbrück, Markus Wipplinger