Two interactive sustainability game tables

With the NAWAREUM, a hands-on museum was created in the spirit of sustainability. The permanent exhibition is designed to give both children of primary school age and adults an interactive understanding of sustainability and climate protection. On three floors, various topics related to nature and technology are made understandable and, above all, tangible.

Ars Electronica Solutions developed two game tables dedicated to renewable energies that playfully demonstrate various options for energy supply. The game ‘Gemeinsam zur Energiewende'(= Together towards the energy transition) deals with the various forms of energy, such as hydropower, wind energy and biogas, and shows which type can be used most efficiently under certain conditions. The game ‘Gründorf’ (= Greenvillage) deals with the supply of a village with the help of renewable resources. Here, game participants learn in an interactive and strategic way which materials are the most efficient and sustainable. The aim is to show possibilities and alternatives without pointing the finger at anyone. The focus is on biodiversity. Game events from politics, society and the environment constantly present the players with new challenges.

The tables were developed together with the illustrator Katja Seifert and the art workshop JOT2. The concept emerged from the collaboration between the NAWAREUM and Solutions.

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The project is in keeping with the ‘New European Bauhaus’, an initiative of the European Commission that calls for projects to be developed and implemented in the spirit of the Green Deal. Ars Electronica is an official partner of this initiative.

The hands-on museum NAWAREUM was opened on 04.02.2023 in Straubing. You can find more information about the museum visit here.

Project Credits:
Michaela Fragner, Chris Bruckmayr, Stefan Dorn, My Trinh Müller Gardiner, Ramona Kranzl, Markus Wipplinger, StefanDorn, Vikoria Soche Heng, David Holzweber, Dominik Trichlin, Andreas Pramböck, Patrick Müller, Fadil Kujunzic

Katja Seifert, Jot2, Garamantis: Oliver Elias

Foto Credits:
Herbert Stolz, Garamantis: Nina Bacher, Ars Electronica Solutions