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Ars Electronica Solutions is regularly invited to appear at conferences and give speeches dealing with a wide array of topics. Important issues on which our expertise is highly sought after are digitization, creativity and innovation.

At “MIND THE GAP! Configuring Transfer among Science, Business and Creative Industries”, an event held October 5th in Kiel, Germany, the focus was on collaborative forms of organizing work, specific qualification offerings for the cultural & creative sector, and transdisciplinary knowledge transfer. Ars Electronica Solutions Senior Director Michael Mondria delivered a speech entitled “Four Perspectives – How and Why Transfer Leads to Innovation in Business and Society”.

Wacker Neuson, manufacturer of heavy-duty construction equipment, collaborated with Ars Electronica at this year’s festival—theme: Artificial Intelligence – The Other I—to give festivalgoers the opportunity to steer a six-ton earthmover using only the power of their thoughts or their eye movements. And this application could be tested again on October 18th in conjunction with Strabag’s Innovation Day 2017 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Attendees got to use BCI and eye-tracking technologies to steer an ET65 track excavator, get it to pivot, and manipulate its 7-meter-long backhoe. Kicking off the subsequent discussion was a brief talk by Michael Mondria about concept, innovative development and modern interfaces.

The theme of the SAP Digital Leader Summit 2017 held October 25-26 in Paris was “Digital. Radical. Exponential”. This SAP conclave is an opportunity for CEOs, digital leaders, tech experts and researchers to intensively discuss digital strategies for companies. Michael Mondria was one of the panelists in the Digital section.

Digital Leader Summit 2017