Vienna Ferris Wheel

Ars Electronica Solutions was commissioned by ARTDELUXE Art and Culture Management to design the new Lobby of the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel. The two firms collaborated on a holistic concept for the furnishings, media technology and printed matter, which was implemented in January 2017.

The on-screen contents are in comics style and feature custom-rendered characters providing visitors with information about the Giant Ferris Wheel. The star of the show is the attraction’s own mascot, who personally answers family members’ questions. The information is primarily historical and technical. Old archive material is presented in a way that’s suitable for all age groups. The here-and-now also pops up occasionally on the venue’s four monitors in the form of live remote footage streamed to the Lobby from a special camera mounted on one of the cabins. At certain times, the picture screen background image blends in with the print on the wall to give the impression of a homogeneous surface that repeatedly opens up informative windows on fascinating information.

Project Credits: Stefan Dorn, Pascal Maresch, Harald Moser, Patrick Müller, Dietmar Peter, Gerald Priewasser-Höller, Markus Wipplinger

Foto & Video Credits: Ars Electronica Solutions

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